Face Reading For Candidates Part 1

2020 will be a big year for us all, and being on the precipice of making a choice that is in the highest good of the US and the world may feel like a daunting task. It would seem every bit of information we could glean about someone could be of help in this situation.

Face Reading is a 3000 year old skill that can be used to reveal character, personality, and life lessons from the features and lines of someone’s face. When we look at someone their faces are already telling us a story that we can learn an immense amount of information from. When we know what to look for and how the combination can create strengths or struggles for someone it gives us some important insight on who they truly are.

I would like to share with you a few traits, as interpreted via face reading, of each of the candidates as we move through this process. The traits I choose will be those that stand out on an individual basis, only commenting on what I see. I will begin alphabetically on the list.

Please keep in mind this is just a small snapshot of a bigger picture. It is up to you to take or leave this information and use it as you will. I am simply sharing a small bit of something I find fascinating. Best to you all.

Michael Bennett

If you will notice, Mr. Bennett has fairly thick eyebrows which show drive and focus. This feature increases his assertiveness and willingness to work hard, particularly on things he is passionate about.

You can also see from his photos that his eyes are fairly small in comparison to the rest of his face. Small eyes show a need for privacy as well as someone who may tend to keep their emotions inside. This couples with his small mouth and lips as well, which are traits that belong to people that are less likely to express their emotions freely to all.

There are zones on the face which also tell whether someone likes to make decisions based on logic and reason, emotion, or a combination. Mr. Bennett’s decision making is both thinking and feeling through something. Even though he may not express his emotions outwardly, this would show his ability to utilize them purposefully internally when processing a decision.

Joe Biden

Mr. Biden’s  face shape shows that he is a sociable person and likes to bring ideas to reality. People with this face shape like problem solving, as well as creating, and bringing ideas to fruition. His wide forehead also affirms this trait of being an expansive thinker, and valuing that type of thinking in others.

Mr. Biden’s nostrils are fairly small in regard to the rest of his nose and face, this trait tends to belong to people who would be cautious about spending or who is good at budgeting.

His strong jaw shows he is willing to fight for what he believes in.

Cory Booker

Mr. Booker’s face shape reveals he can be diplomatic and aware of what is going on in the people around him. This face shape belongs to people who ultimately want everyone to get along, and that value cooperation. Teamwork is important to them.

The fact that Mr. Booker has a clean shaven head shows he probably likes to work and is driven to be successful at what he does.

Both his eye shape and the decision making zones of this face show someone who has a good foundation of common sense and can vacillate between logic and feeling fairly easily.

The size of his nostrils indicate someone who is disciplined about spending money, however his full lips show he can be generous. Overall, the combination shows someone who will think things through and put money where they see it doing the most good.

All three have relatively high foreheads showing intellectual minds with a philosophical nature. They also share wide set eyes which show the ability to see the bigger picture.

Next week will be a brief look at Steve Bullock, Pete Buttigieg, Julian Castro, Bill deBlaseo, and John Delaney.