While it’s true that there is pain and chaos in the world right now, I have to say that I am feeling optimistic and hopeful. Where politics is failing, the people are rising, taking care of what needs to be done and changed, and not waiting for the politicians to move on things. It is wonderful to see people move when they see a need, a time for change, the need for compassion as well as protection.

This series of events started quite a while ago. There was a definite change in the atmosphere after the release of Wonder Woman. The main character is strong, there is no doubt about it, yet she is compassionate, and vocalizes her perspective, helping us to see what we may have become too callous to recognize. It also empowered women in a new and refreshing way.

We have watched the Me Too, movement take hold of our nation and the world in an explosion of truth and integrity, aiding many women who have felt silenced for years to have the strength and courage, and support to speak their truth and be heard. Yes, and the men who have also experienced this travesty.

And now, we have the children. The children who will not be silenced into submission, who will fight for those they have lost, where the adults have failed them. They have no “political agenda” that prevents them from speaking their truth for fear of not getting financial backing. They do have an experience that we do not, and we had better start listening and fixing what is broken. They are a powerhouse, and one that will very soon be able to vote.

We have also had natural disasters, and have watched as they were told they owed the government money, so… the relief that they should have gotten has not been coming from where it should have.


As we watch and are shocked by so much of what has transpired, individuals and companies are making changes that should easily be done with new laws. But they are not forthcoming from that venue. They are, however from everyday people with huge hearts and the resources to make things happen. I have watched as individuals have organized planes filled with water and resources to help the hurricane victims. One woman (Bethany Frankel), at the time that I saw her in November, had helped to organize 15 airplane trips loaded with supplies. She and others have been relentless in their mission to help- because that is what we do when we have people who need help. She is not the only one, yet she IS one. She has the connections to make things happen, and does. By the way, she also personally flew there repeatedly to help, which is amazing, and others have done this too.

Companies and individuals are no longer supporting the “good old boys” atmosphere in the daily operations of the business world, the sports world, and the entertainment industry. There now has emerged a ZERO TOLERANCE for this kind of behavior- well except for one glaring exception. Time’s up, it will no longer be tolerated, shoved under the rug, or blatantly ignored like the game of the Emperor’s New Clothes that is going on at the highest level. That, too, shall pass. It’s just a matter of time.

And then there are companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods that have taken the initiative to stop selling the guns that were used in the shootings, and raise the age limit for those wanting to buy one, ON THEIR OWN, because it is the right thing to do to help in the way that they can, without waiting for the politicians figure out what to do, and which money they will, and will no longer accept. Good for Dick’s Sporting Goods for taking a stand and doing what they can to help the situation in the way they can!

It takes all of us, doing what we can, where we can, to help our nation heal, and become one again. There are too many real threats outside our nation’s shores that we should be focusing on “fighting” if that’s what they’re after.

I am encouraged by the courage that each of us as individuals can persistently exhibit and move forward with to make this world a better place.

May the women and children continue to lead us all.

Compassion and passion are great assets to have and to use.