Belt Vessel: Hiding Emotions

The Dai Mai is yet another of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians focusing on emotions, and is the only channel that runs around the body instead of up and down.  It wraps around the waist; thus it is also known by the name Belt or Girdle vessel.  For treating physical symptoms this channel is specifically used to deal with the lumbar area (or low back), the GI system (digestion), female reproduction and muscular-skeletal system.  Physical symptoms treated could include lumbar (low back) and lower body weakness, abdominal distention, as well as walking issues.

Its’ purpose is to link the upper and lower halves of the body and help move qi and blood in the legs.  This is why if there are any issues in the legs or with walking that this pathway is useful to treat.  It originates close to the bottom floating rib and encircles the waist. It is a meridian that reflects the nourishment of being and not doing.  So if someone is feeling stuck in a way that shows that they are not harvesting the things in life that are coming to them this meridian is involved in the imbalance.

Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally this pathway deals with something referred to as your “shadow side”, the things we hide under our belts because we don’t know what to do with it or we are embarrassed or ashamed to let others see it.  This can pertain to many struggles in life, to include, but not limited to, anger, shame, or guilt.  It is any feeling that creates a sensation in you that you don’t know how to deal with and that in some way you may see as “negative”, because you’ve been told it’s not ok to feel that way.  Anyone who has unexpressed emotion of any sort can benefit from having work done on the Dai Mai meridian.  It helps you get back into the flow of emotions, to process and release, to come to an understanding of what that “shadow” is trying to teach you or show you in your life.

If you think about struggling with or hiding, shoving, and ignoring emotions perhaps you can see how those physical symptoms begin to manifest.  Having issues with walking?  Well, how do you create a natural pace and gate in life when you don’t know how to “be” in life?  If you struggle emotionally with how you are feeling about things does that give you the balance and courage and grace to stride forward or in life or does it deter moving in a coordinated fashion? How about digestive symptoms?  Emotions are like food, if we stuff them or ignore them they create discomfort, as having too much in your abdomen and not being able to get it out.  Or the opposite, say you have diarrhea whether it be food or emotions when you aren’t processing it in a healthy way it creates this unstable digestion and your body wants to get rid of it, however doesn’t know how to do it in a healthy manner.  It just knows it needs to get out.

Back pain is an interesting manifestation when it comes to emotions as well.  How do we stand upright, how do we feel good about moving around and getting going when we have back pain?  How do we stand up straight and strong when we have these emotions that can be overwhelming, or that can feel unwanted, do they twist and pull at us making it challenging to feel as though we can be upright?

I also find that female reproduction an interesting set of symptoms to which this meridian can assist.  Think about reproduction in the way of creativity.  How do we fully create things in our life or in our bodies when we are questioning every moment whether or not we should be doing or feeling a certain, when we struggle with how to deal with these underlying emotions that we don’t necessarily feel like we want coming up or getting out.  How does that stifle creativity in all areas of life?  Do you really feel fully open to the imagination and joy that it is required to create when you may be suffering from self judgement and criticism?

Do you have any physical symptoms that you can look at from this perspective?  Can you associate an emotional, mental, or spiritual struggle with a physical manifestation?  Particularly one you feel you are trying to hide, shove down, or ignore because you feel like it takes away from you being a “good” person?

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