Creative Brain Health

Child learning to swim in poolWhen we think of brain health, nutrition might be the first line of defense that comes to mind.  This is a natural assumption with regards to health of any kind. Just as we are all connected, so are the many systems within us.  The mind/body/spirit/emotion connections make us aware that all of what we “feed” ourselves affects the whole.

Brain Food

With this concept in mind, we will be examining what we feed a part of us, the brain, with the sole purpose of analyzing the quality of what we are ingesting.  What we feed it in terms of the words we use, consume, and ruminate on is the most powerful catalyst in creating our lives.  The words we use to think about ourselves in our self-talk are pivotal in creating a life where dreams are a real possibility for us. Self-talk is a large part of this process. Allowing negative thoughts to take up residence only decreases our positive experiences in life.  It is like a magnet that draws more negativity to us.  If we feed our brain positive thoughts, more will follow as well as more positive experiences.

With an increase in positive thoughts comes a positive increase in our self-image and self-worth.  Both are important tools to use in our ability to create a healthy life and self-concept.  It helps us with the formation of boundaries and the knowledge that we all deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. It starts with what we personally feed our brains on a daily basis.  Each of us can ask whether or not we consume a daily diet of positive thoughts or negative ones and decide to make a change if it is needed.

Self Talk

Our self-talk is important and so is the language we choose to use in our conversations with others.   Just being around a negative person for five minutes negatively affects our health.  Think about how this works if we are the ones whose mind is filled with negative thoughts throughout the day! What we fill our mind with is imperative in creating the life we want for ourselves.  We must choose our words, thoughts, and speech carefully to ensure the most positive outcome. Words are the building blocks we create with, and what we focus our time, energy and attention on, we get more of.

What Do You Want?

One of the most important aspects of this process is focusing on what we DO want. Many of us know exactly what we don’t want and can list off a litany of carefully thought out details to support this. Think of all the time that was spent on this activity! Instead, try focusing on what you DO want to enter your life, and even try to imagine it in great detail. It is amazing what putting all that positive energy out there will do towards actually making it happen!

How It Works

Another thing to watch is the use of contractions such as “don’t” and the word “not”.  The subconscious mind processes these words differently and so it seems as if they were never said.  For instance, if you were teaching someone to swim and said “don’t bend your legs while kicking” they would continue to try to swim with bent legs.  If you were to say, “keep your legs straight while kicking”, they would get it right away.  The subconscious cancels the negative parts out, so to more effectively move through life and create the life you want, choosing your words more consciously is a must!

Happy creating!