Conception Vessel: Nourishment, Creativity, and Growth

The Ren Mai, also known as the Conception Vessel, is another of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians that we have been covering.  This meridian originates between the kidneys and runs from the groin area up the front midline of the body to end at the mouth where it will connect with the Du Mai.  The Ren Mai is located on the yin side of the body, whereas the Du Mai was on the yang side (therefore a yang meridian)

Yin energy may be considered more of an internal and motherly energy compared to yang energy.  It is more about nourishment and growth than being out in the world in the prime of life.

The Conception Vessel is associated with relationships, creativity, and helping through different phases of life to achieve maturity.  It has the qualities of both giving and receiving openly. It is growth oriented and about feeding that which is needed at any given moment.

This channel governs the fluids of the body, which are considered yin in nature. If you are experiencing any fluid issues be it urinary, blood, digestive juices, sweat, or dry mouth this channel could be out of balance (along with others).

I’d like you to think about your body language when it comes to this meridian. Since it runs along the midline of the body it is that area that people tend to feel they can open up when they are comfortable around someone, or they can pull in to protect it when they feel guarded.  This meridian is a powerful meridian in how it connects the body as well as its function of nourishment, growth, and creation.  In yoga there are actually postures that help you to open your heart and pull your shoulders back to be both giving and receiving as you walk through life.

Physically this channel regulates the uterus which in turns means that any menstruation problem from puberty, fertility, pregnancy, and menopause can be affected by it being in balance or imbalanced.  It can also regulate libido issues, hernia, abdominal masses, digestive tract issues, respiratory issues, throat, mouth, etc.  It’s interesting to me that Chinese Medicine helps both existing issues, and can be used as preventative medicine.  In fact, acupuncture began as a medicine to keep people healthy.  I hope as you have read through the many things that imbalance in the qi energy of the meridians causes you can see how to rectify it, and also to stay healthy.

We’ve talked a bit about the non-physical issues the Ren Mai regulates.  When in balance you are open to both receiving and giving, we are in a creative flow both physically and mentally, we are nourished, and we are open to growth in all areas of our lives.  Other imbalance that you may see due the energy of the Ren Mai being off is intimacy and commitment issues.  If you think about the nourishing and creative aspects, as well the giving and receiving elements you can imagine how those issues can arise.  If we are no longer being nourished as well as receiving how can we give?

Have you read anything so far that makes you see that there may be an energetic and emotional imbalance that is affecting your physical body? Are you wondering what you can do about it?  We have many services here that can help with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues you may be dealing with.  Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Guided Imagery are two services you may be interested in to help you back to a life of balance.  Reach out, let us know, we would be happy to assist you.