loafersEach month seems to have a designated focus these days, and one of the topics of focus for the month of October was anti-bullying. A national news program even wore orange for this, only they did something interesting. They talked about it being anti-bullying month, and then they chose to call it “choose kindness” month. What a totally different spin that puts on this movement! I like that- “Choose Kindness”. What difference would it make in our world if we focused on choosing the kind thing to do each day- in multiple areas and circumstances? I think this is something that we all need right now, at a time when so many things seem to be polarized in society at large.

Our words do matter. They can be a balm for a wounded heart, calm fear in one who feels isolated and alone, insight anger, or eliminate it. It starts with our speech. Words are sacred. They are what we use to create our life, and to communicate to others our thoughts and feelings. What we focus our time, energy, and attention on, we get more of, so this makes it imperative that we are consciously choosing words that accurately depict what we desire.

There is no doubt that our words have power. For the past two years we have been moving through a political campaign whose rhetoric has rocked most of us to our core. The ads have been attacking, and have seemed even violent over time. Remember that abusers repeat the same things over and over again until their target starts to believe what is being said, whether or not these things are true.

Here’s an interesting fact: The amygdala is the fear center of the brain, which is triggered by a stimulus (an event, thought, or words for example). If the stimulus triggers a past experience or the sensation of a past experience, it overrides the rational area of the brain. So, when people hear fearful rhetoric or have an experience that triggers a fear they hold (be it conscious or subconscious) their rational reasoning brain is hijacked and their emotions take over. Sometimes people do not have an awareness that they are acting from the emotion of fear, and they still believe they are responding from their rational brain. ( We have an article that speaks to this on our Facebook page.)

It is important that we realize what it is that we are ‘choosing’. We make countless decisions about what to choose each day, most of them by routine, and even muscle memory. How would your life change if you were to stop, take a breath, and consciously make your decisions based on what you truly desire for your life?

What do you want your life to be like? No, really. Have you taken the time to think about this, or has life’s pace made that something you don’t have time for? If you have thought and dreamed about this, how close is your life to resembling your desires? If there seems to be a discrepancy, what can you do to move closer to the dream? Make each choice/decision consciously. Shake up the day to day routines that are so familiar you no longer have to even think about them. Start putting into motion the dreams that you hold close. One small step a day equals being in a totally different spot in a year!

The benefits of thinking positively and choosing to do positive things, begins to reshape your life for those incredible dreams to start coming to fruition. Begin today- just by choosing to be kind. If we all start doing it the world will be such a better place. Your life will begin to look and feel differently.

Remember that even when we feel we have limited to no choices, (no control) over the things in our life- we do. You can choose to make a change today. Your choices make a difference.

You make a difference.