Channel of Changing Patterns and Being Receptive

The best description I have heard of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians describes them as being seas or lakes with tidal flow.  Where the main meridians of the body are rivers that flow, the eight extraordinary collect the excess life force energy called Qi from the other meridians.  They are basically reservoirs. When they are used in treatment they can then regulate by receiving and giving excess energy, or draining it to prevent it from dispersing or overtaking things so you can use it when you need it.  This helps maintain the balance or homeostasis function of the body.

The Yang Wei Mai is an external channel on the yang side, or outside, of the body, it runs from below the ankle, directly up the side of the body, around the back of the arm (posterior deltoid) and up the neck and face into the head.  It is considered to cover the area that is the last line of defense from pathogens entering the body.  Therefore, it would be involved with symptoms such as alternating fever and chills from cold or flu, to more extensive terminal illnesses such as AIDS or cancer.  Areas of the body it can affect are the sides, hips, joints, eyes, ears, as well as lower back.

As with each of the other extraordinary channels it has multiple uses for psychospiritual symptoms as well.  This channel deals with change and reinventing oneself.  It offers the ability to be open to abundance and receive.  When we have this ability to be open it takes us into a level of growth we may not have envisioned for ourselves.  It allows us to release old habits and patterns and strengthens us through transition and transformation that allow us to evolve emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Change can be very challenging for many of us, as we get used to the comfort of what we know, even if it isn’t in our best interest or providing us our greatest opportunities to be ourselves in the world.

According to the Nan Jing, a couple thousand-year-old Chinese medical text, the Yang Linking and Yin Linking Vessels work together to bind and strengthen the mind and body by providing structure and psychological support.  When their ties are lost “one feels uncomfortable and loses one’s will.  Furthermore, one is flaccid, and cannot support one’s stature.”- Ch.29.  The reference to flaccid and not supporting ones stature can be read as physical, however due to other references for these meridians we can also see that one’s stature can be more, it can be how we present ourselves to the world.  Are we receiving? Are we open to abundance?  Are we willing to let go of the old habits and patterns that hold us back to becoming more?  When we let those things go and we stand in the fullness of who we are that is our stature.  It is not just our posture, it is our PRESENCE.  Are you feeling stuck and needing to move ahead or ready to make some changes in life?

Acupuncture is a mind, body, spirit medicine where you can work on all levels at once.  If you aren’t interested in acupuncture, then we have a plethora of other ways in which to help you move forward in life.  Have you tried Guided Imagery Therapy? Spiritual or Life Mentoring?  We have so many ways to help you while meeting you where you are.  We are here when you are ready.