Botoxifcation- The Freezing of Your Face and Emotions

The other night while watching TV, a new commercial featured a very nice looking male parenting a child. The mood was relatively happy, and as I do with any new commercial, I was curious to see if you could tell what it was they were trying to sell. Most of the time it is quite evident, but sometimes you are left wondering what the ad team was thinking! I was rather shocked to see that this was a commercial targeting men to use Botox. Botox has primarily been a product whose target market has been women. It felt rather odd that this new perspective has shown up, and it made me think of all sorts of questions as to why they started moving in this direction. Oh, I know the vanity plug, and that is the angle they took, but there is so much more to the use of this product than people realize.

In another blog post, Michelle wrote about the medicinal uses of administering this neurotoxin. While these conditions may indeed help certain health issues, the use of this neurotoxin as a “filler” for wrinkles and “lines” does far more than most people realize. This toxin blocks signals to the nerves wherever it is injected. When used in the face, this results in the person seeming to have the same expression on their face for every emotion! So sad, happy, scared- it doesn’t matter, all of those emotions will look the same. Never was this more evident to me than in a movie that came out a few years ago called “The Women” starring Meg Ryan. She had had some MAJOR face work done, and it was an emotional movie- only her face only had the ability to remain in one position. It is eerie to watch! This was a “what was she thinking” kind of feeling when you watched her and her face, and knew the emotions she was portraying (or going for) in the movie just didn’t connect.

The above is one element of this procedure and product that is noticeable, and yet people don’t talk about. It’s sort of the elephant in the room kind of thing. We have also found something else that is more challenging for patients. When people have injections to aid in the treatment of migraines, (and with Botox in general) another entire side effect shows up. It is along the lines of the frozen face mentioned above. In the case of injecting for migraines, shots may be administered to the face, neck, back/shoulders, and along the spine. More than you’d think! We have seen people in our clinic whose faces are usually very expressive become “frozen” or unexpressive after the injections. What happens with this is that they suddenly find their emotions are frozen too, and life becomes bland, then depressing for them. Their life is no longer joyful. It is so challenging to watch someone who is usually so joyful and expressive become stoic and unresponsive. It literally caused depression for them!

The good news is that acupuncture can aid in ridding the body of the Botox and it’s side effects. People have been so glad to hear this, as they could no longer handle feeling void of emotion! For those feeling depression, they were ready for it to be gone.

Our emotions are important to our lives. They are somewhat of a barometer, guiding us in the right directions. If you no longer are able to feel them, you may find yourself on a path you never thought you’d travel. Emotions are also the fuel that is used to create in our lives. Without them to guide, infuse with passion, and excitement, life becomes more of a chore, a drudgery. They are also the paths to healing for us. We need to be able to identify which emotions we are feeling, allow ourselves to feel them, and move through them to the other side to heal and grow. We can become stuck when we no longer are able to feel the many facets of our emotions in life. If you find yourself wondering how to travel through what you may feel hesitant to deal with, we can help you with this with either our Life Coaching or Spiritual Coaching.

It’s real, and something to think about before you subject yourself to this neurotoxin.

*If you find yourself experiencing depression when you haven’t before, and you’re not sure why, are you using Botox? There may very well be a correlation!

 *Also, if you suffer from migraines, another treatment that gets rid of them for good, is Guided Imagery Therapy. It is amazing how well this works and there is no pain involved!