Blowing in the Wind… and Shake it Up!

Several weeks ago strong winds kept up their relentless movements across the earth here. The “winds of change” reminding us that perhaps we need to shake things up a bit again, start fresh, let go of stagnant energy, ideas, relationships, and even businesses or jobs. That can be scary – or exciting- depending on which way you choose to look at it. It may be indicative of whether you are a glass half full kind of individual or a glass half empty.

I am not saying that all change is comfortable. Steve Jobs gave an address in which he talked about his having been fired from Apple as being one of the best things that could have happened to him. He then went on to do some of his most creative work ever. Experiences that seem unwarranted at the time can be catalysts for drastic change for the betterment of our lives that we never would have had the courage to go out and do ourselves if we hadn’t been “pushed” into it.

That being said, these time periods can be shaky for us, filled with another word that we aren’t so sure we like either- uncertainty. Yet, it is both uncertainty and change that bring about such wonderful things for us in life! Uncertainty, like change, is exciting! It is that moment when all things are possible, that moment of limitlessness. How much are you willing to embrace the unknown? What Jobs and so many others have come to understand is that the more you are able to live with uncertainty and lean into the unknown, the more likely you will be able to dance with it long enough to create better solutions, ideas, innovations, and even relationships.

Not knowing how things are going to turn out in any area of our lives stops so many people from moving forward with their dreams. None of us are given the end results of anything at the beginning. The greatest joy comes from moving through the journey! If you don’t like where things are moving, you have the choice every day to change your course, to move your life in another direction, knowing and trusting that ALL change is for your highest good. It always is. Even if we choose something that is not that good for us, we learn valuable lessons along the way and gather information for the next phase our life will take us through. We just need to have the courage to keep moving through it, knowing and trusting that what lies ahead for us will be even better!

Several things that we experience as we move through the creation of anything in our lives are uncertainty, risk, and exposure to criticism. Some thrive on this, others run like crazy in the other direction. Those that stay planted where they are, living in their own special form of hell because they are too afraid of moving through change, suffer far more than we could ever imagine. And I do mean suffer! They suffer in silence, depression setting in, as they refuse to move, refuse to grow, and dig deeper into their misery.

Remember when you were a child, and learning something new every day was your normal? When trying many new things each day was the way you moved through life? If you haven’t watched a child exploring the world lately, maybe it’s time to observe and learn. They explore everything with such passion for life! Their curiosity is at the forefront of every movement, every act they do! They love life, and aren’t afraid who knows it! When something happens to startle or scare them, they let that be known, too! They live from their very essence, and also live with passion and abandon! Maybe it’s time for us to see through “new” eyes once again. Maybe it’s time to take off the fog-filled glasses that make the world seem like such a gray and dull place with no choices left in it.

Right now, so many individual’s lives are being affected by change and the uncertainty that comes with it. Instead of seeing it with fear and letting it paralyze you, why not think of it through “fresh eyes” filled with curiosity and wonder? If you look with the same expectations that you have always had, you will continue to get more of the same things, patterns, and people in your life that you have gotten before. If you are willing to risk- to take steps outside your comfort zone- and really strike off on a new and different path, there is no telling where life will take you next! It may be leading you down the path that shows you what you were born to do that no one else will ever do but you. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done, created, explored, or expanded.

Each of us has so many gifts and talents that we fail to use, or are too self conscious to put out there. The world is a better place each and every time we use our gifts to reach out and help others. Trust your gift. Trust yourself to be able to create a far better life than you ever dreamed possible! And if you are living in your own hell right now, what are you waiting for?? Why are you still there, still in “survival mode”? Life is so much more than just “surviving”! Life is all about living every moment with everything you’ve got, moving through the emotions, risking yourself for the best life has to offer, loving yourself enough not to just “settle” for a bad decision made so long ago.

Like Steve Jobs said, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Enjoy your life! Love your life! See the miracles around you every day through the eyes of the child you used to be! Take the time to live life to the fullest. Fill your days with the things you feel passionate about. Love what you do, and if you don’t, it is ok to move out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Remember that uncertainty and change also lead us to new opportunities in life~ bigger and better ones lay ahead!