Are You Pushing…or Moving Through?

Let’s face it. There are times in our lives when we need to push through.  We have deadlines at work and other projects that also need our attention.  We tell ourselves that we can do this, put our heads down and push through to meet those deadlines.  It may or may not be the greatest work we have ever done, but the deadline was met. Sometimes in various areas of our lives we need to push through.  However, there are other areas where pushing through only delays our progress and ends up costing us more pain and less enjoyment in life than we may be consciously aware of or could ever imagine.

Helen Keller once said, “The only way out is through.” This is unequivocally true.  HOW you do it can alter your life forever.

The Real Issue

At the crux of every pain, illness or problem is an emotional issue that has not been resolved.  Without fail, this is true.  The body tends to try to get our attention initially in a subtle way perhaps by giving us a feeling of discomfort somewhere. If we are not aware of this, or are choosing to ignore it, the body will intensify the discomfort into pain and increase it the longer it is ignored.  If we continue to ignore the “symptoms” disease may ensue.

One of the best ways to get to the root cause of any issue is through IntraPersonal Guided Imagery Therapy.  It bypasses the symptoms someone is experiencing and gets right to the root cause of the issue.  It is a powerful experience which gifts you with incredible self-knowledge and healing. Some issues can be solved extremely quickly; others that have taken some time to develop and involve many of the systems of the body may take a little more time to resolve.

Why This Is So Important

 For many individuals who have been suffering for a period of time, the moment they start to feel relief (for some this might even be slight relief) they think they are totally done and can discontinue their therapy. This is true for some, yet for others with more complex issues, more sessions to get at even deeper issues that continue to color their day to day choices would be in their best interests.  This happens in every type of therapy known to mankind.  We see it every day.  In a perfect world, it would be best to continue therapy until you have discovered the emotional reasons why you act in certain ways, what your payoff isfor continuing this behavior, and what might be done differently to get a different outcome- a healthier, happier one.


It is often at the point when we feel better than we have in a long while that we can be certain that the deeper, longer lasting work of healing is about to begin- if only we continue with our therapy.  This is moving through our emotional issues- not pushing through them but working through them to understand, and from that understanding be able to change the pattern(s) that created them in the first place.  This is especially important if we find the same type of thing happening to us repeatedly. What is at the root of this repetitive pattern?  It may be time to find out and heal it permanently!

We’ve got you.  Trust yourself to see it through- to move all the way through to a better tomorrow and all the tomorrows!  You’ve got this!