Anniversary Vision for Humanity

On the sixth anniversary of my mentor and dear friend Patti’s transition into heaven, I thought about her a lot throughout the day. I went to bed that night feeling our connection and sending her gratitude and love.  During sleep that night I experienced a vision with her.  It is a vision that we all need right now on this earth and I’d love to share it with you.

Patti and I were in a meadow with lush green grass swaying in the breeze, and yellow wildflowers moving gently among the tall grass. Suddenly our entire focus shifted to a border collie who must have been enjoying a run in the meadow. He sat happily panting while looking at us.  He was mostly white, with black fur circling his right eye.  With his tongue hanging out he seemed to be smiling at us.  I could feel Patti there with me, yet suddenly it became imperative that I know this vision was meant for me, and that I must share it with the world.  It is simple, and yet in its simplicity are the answers for us in this time.

In the work that I do, color has meaning, and the white and black on the dog tells a part of the overall story.  White is an outward journey of connecting with the world; black is an inward journey of connecting with self.

As I watched, a procession of various border collies appeared before me.  The first, then one that was mostly black with white around his collar area.  Then a black and brown one; next a mostly brown collie.  Then a caramel colored one, so beautiful it almost glowed.  It had more yellow in it than I’d ever seen before in a dog.  Each was very beautiful in its own uniqueness. It was a visual slide show of the many colors in which the breed expresses, with each dog’s prominent colors telling the story of its journey during its lifetime- in other words, what it was mainly here to work on.

Then came the message:

The main job all dogs have is to give unconditional love.  Their natural bent is to love us no matter what, and they will do this even if abused. They are a great symbol and example of unconditional love and deep loyalty.

But why the succession of border collies?  Why not other breeds?

The border collie is among the working breeds.  Its main job is to herd and keep those in its care safe from harm.  It herds animals much larger than itself and is not afraid.  It is an intelligent breed and learns to do its job well.  It protects those in its care from the dangers that may be encountered in the current terrain, perhaps coyotes or other predators.  It is dedicated to its job and seems to work tirelessly. It needs something to do and is not a couch potato.

Herding is a border collie’s main job and the focus of its energy and attention.  It herds whatever is near it, gathering them together, or when necessary, separating certain creatures away from the pack.  When it has a good trainer or owner who has worked with it and has been careful to train this animal using its natural bents to the greatest advantage, they work well as a team, like a well-oiled machine.

Humans are like these wonderful border collies.  We were sent to earth to love unconditionally. We each have specific talents and gifts to share with the world, and we do best when sharing these with others. We also need good leaders around us- those who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise and have the welfare of the whole in mind at all times.

Humans must use discernment while choosing who they will follow.  There are choices to be made each step of the journey; we must choose wisely.  We must look for those who value each and every human and who will respect each person for who they are keeping the safety and wellbeing for the greater good in mind at all times.  We must be able to discern the good leaders from the less desirable characters who have their own hidden agendas and look out only for themselves, while speaking as if they are supporting only those that look like them or do certain things.  That is conditional, not unconditional.

Bottom line:

  • We are here to love unconditionally
  • We must share our gifts and talents with each other and the world
  • Our shared vision for the world must be for the safety and protection of each other and all life in our care on this planet
  • We all have equal value and worth and must treat each other as such
  • Ours is not to separate and antagonize each other into fight factions, but to unite in love and support of one another
  • We all matter
  • We are the human race- each and every one of us, together

We get into trouble when we forget this.  We need each other. Let’s see how we can support each other into a world where all can share in the best experiences of life, not just a select few. Let us help each other share the gifts inside that only we can share with the world.  It can be an even more beautiful experience if we do.