A Deeper Sense of Community- and Self

community of bicycle riders in a long distance race.This week in Minneapolis I had the pleasure of being in community with like-minded people listening to one of my favorite authors- Mark Nepo. Being together, in that space and at that time, let us all experience a deep feeling of community.  Most of us had never met and it didn’t matter- what we all felt was a profound sense of community.

We discussed what it might take worldwide at this time in history with social media a major player in the way countless people interact, to form a stronger sense of community.  We are all humans designed for connectedness.  How do we move towards that in a new way now?  The emotional and mental health of our world depends on our ability to move in that direction and interact in new ways.

Our Jobs

One of the most profound jobs as members of the human race is this:

It is our job to keep the literacy of the heart alive.

  What does this mean, and how would this look?  What is needed from each of us in order to do this? How would this change anything in the world?

What is the literacy of the heart?

The heart speaks the language of love at its core, or truest nature.  When we move away from that language, we move away from connection to ourselves and others. Literacy of the heart encompasses learning, reading, speaking, sharing, and more with one another.  We must learn about how to love ourselves, and then move that knowledge out into the world in whatever way is unique to us. Each of us have a special touch we can share if we can step into who we are at the heart of our existence.  We can speak from love, share of ourselves and our lives from love, surround ourselves and those we love with the energy of love in what we read, listen to, and talk about. It is important that we come from this space when dealing with our own internal thoughts and feelings as well.

One of the ways the heart speaks is in and through emotion.  How comfortable are you with emotion- yours or anyone else’s? We move through our life experiences using our emotions.  To deny them causes issues in our lives.  The greatest emotion is love.  How can you express that in your life to yourself and others? How can you be more aware and return your thoughts of irritation or anger to love?  Kindness is a great place to begin.  Be gentle and kind with yourself and others.  We can begin to start from there as much as we can, until it becomes a way of walking in this world.

Remain Open

Our one common language stems from our experiences and speaking from authenticity with others about them.  What we experience in life helps shape us by subtly forming new thoughts, which move into beliefs, and also our ways of interacting in our daily life.  We need to be authentic and share from the heart our thoughts and feelings surrounding those experiences.

We need to share our experiences instead of our conclusions.  We need to remain open to the unexpected for it just may change our life for the better!

We must understand that we control our absence and our presencein each and every encounter we have.  When we are busy thinking about what we will say next, our presence vanishes instantly. We must stop rehearsing our lifeand making that our personal story.  Be as fully present in this moment as you can, listening with your heart which understands more than you realize.

Can you imagine a world where all of us are coming from the heart, from a deeper caring about one another?  I hope you can- for that is the first step in actually creating it!

If you would like help in being able to do this more effectively in your life, please call us.  Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, or guided imagery therapy may help you.  You may also enjoy some of the many topics we cover on our radio shows, which can be found as podcasts on our website, AM950’s website, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.