Rewiring Your Brain For Positivity

Our brain is one very fascinating and complex organ. It helps us with memory, speech, learning, reasoning and so many other functions. An interesting fact about the brain is that it is wired for something called a “negativity bias”. Which means our brains tend to gravitate to and latch onto negativity more than positivity. One study that shows this was done by John Cacioppo Ph.D. The study showed people pictures that provoked either positive or negative emotions. The study captured information showing that the brain has a much more powerful surge in electrical activity with a negative stimuli. This has... Read More »

What the World Needs Now, Is Love- and Sweet Kindness

I don’t know about you, but these days I mute the ads that focus on the elections when all they do is bash someone. Some of them can feel like a physical blow to the senses as well as to the body. During election years, it seems that the commercials on TV put out by the candidates can be so rude and demeaning. Then the voting day comes, and it used to be that the negativity would end until the next election. That just isn’t happening anymore. The bashing and negativity isn’t stopping.  When I see and hear what is... Read More »

Press Release!

Awakened Living announces a new weekly radio show, Awakened Living Infusion, to air at 10 a.m., Saturdays, on AM950. The owners of Awakened Living, Connie Bjerk and Michelle Kitsmiller, will host the hour-long show which begins October 6. Awakened Living Infusion will cover topics that are current and of personal interest as well as those that help people engage within communities. Weekly discussions will give information and practical tips that can be used immediately to begin change, growth and expansion in the areas of life that encompass well-being and happiness. Topics will deal with issues that everyone faces and two... Read More »