Me, Too… May Have the Answers We’ve Been Waiting For

So many emotions have been brought from the depths of countless women (and men) to the surface for healing, as well as justice if there can be any. Many are dazed by the magnitude of women who have shared this status on social media. It’s not just the famous or wealthy- this is something that has hit every walk of life and economic status. We share this atrocity in great numbers. Several women I know were reluctant to write those words in their status, chose to write the phrase, and then took it down. Their reasons were the reactions they... Read More »

The Importance of Questions

In the book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz he talks about the importance of communication, and a large part of that is asking the right questions so that we never have to assume anything and cause discord in our lives. But how do we know what questions to ask? If we are not in the habit of routinely asking ourselves questions to increase our internal awareness, how will we ever know the dynamics involved in asking someone else important questions so that we can understand a complicated thing like a relationship? Inner awareness is more important than we... Read More »


Recently I designed a quote for our website that was written by Tyler Henry. He stated: “It’s important to not confuse the significance of a relationship with its length. What matters most is what bonds are exchanged and what lessons are learned in the time that’s shared.”  What have you experienced in your life? Have you had a relationship that was so amazing and life changing- and yet it didn’t last a long time? If so, how do you feel about that? Do you wish it had lasted longer? Do you feel anger about its short duration? Have you come... Read More »