Creative Brain Health

When we think of brain health, nutrition might be the first line of defense that comes to mind.  This is a natural assumption with regards to health of any kind. Just as we are all connected, so are the many systems within us.  The mind/body/spirit/emotion connections make us aware that all of what we “feed” ourselves affects the whole. Brain Food With this concept in mind, we will be examining what we feed a part of us, the brain, with the sole purpose of analyzing the quality of what we are ingesting.  What we feed it in terms of the... Read More »

Fear of Needles? Can You Overcome It?

Have you ever known someone who is afraid of needles? As an acupuncturist I certainly have met my fair share of individuals. Also, as someone who spent her fair share of time in the military where shots abound, I’ve seen some extraordinary responses people have to needles. Between the two, here’s what I have found to be true. 1. Being afraid of needles is no small thing and there can be many reasons why someone has a fear. It could be related to a past trauma, or someone could have highly sensitive responses to physical stimuli. Also, a true phobia... Read More »

A Deeper Sense of Community- and Self

This week in Minneapolis I had the pleasure of being in community with like-minded people listening to one of my favorite authors- Mark Nepo. Being together, in that space and at that time, let us all experience a deep feeling of community.  Most of us had never met and it didn’t matter- what we all felt was a profound sense of community. We discussed what it might take worldwide at this time in history with social media a major player in the way countless people interact, to form a stronger sense of community.  We are all humans designed for connectedness. ... Read More »