A Little Soul Salsa Anyone?

As I was thinking about what topic I wanted to write about, so many things came to mind. Not the usual line up of thoughts, I must admit. There was a fanciful array of thoughts that whimsically danced through my mind, none demanding full attention, just briefly flitting by. So, what follows, are some of the random delights that came to dance! Back 2004 there was a book called Soul Salsa. I like the way that feels when you say it. I also like the visual of that. Your Soul, doing a dance called the Salsa! Fun! It was filled... Read More »

Winter’s Pause

In many traditions and cultures, especially where the climate is cold, winter is a time of pulling inward, an internal hibernation of sorts. It can be a time of reading by the fire, doing internal work such as processing life’s experiences and thoughts. Some look forward to this somewhat forced time of inner reflection. This time can be of great benefit even though it may be uncomfortable at times. The same can be said of the different phases we experience in life. The transition phase of moving from one way of living your life to another can be so challenging.... Read More »

Lessening the Holiday Hassle

Every family or social gathering seems to have them- the person who tends to be challenging to deal with, and manages to make a celebration feel awkward. If it’s a family celebration, we are thrown together with people from our past, and many may find themselves reacting in ways they used to; ways that may not be who they are now. Family tends to remember us in a certain way, and we remain forever “stuck in time” in their minds, and memories. Many of these impressions from so long ago, do not take into account, or recognize the growth that... Read More »