Fall Leave Changing Needs

In Traditional Chinese Medicine each season brings with it changes to our constitution, which affects our physical, mental, and emotional needs. The transition we feel in the air where dryness starts to pervade, and the wind we feel on our skin are both elements that can affect our health. Dryness can be experienced via our skin, our mouth, our lungs, perhaps developing a dry cough in the season. Wind is a source in nature that invades us and we feel it penetrating our skin which is the equivalent of affecting our immune system, so we may feel depleted at times... Read More »

Face Reading for Candidates, Part 5

This is the final list of candidates to look at a few elements of character they present. Some may come as a surprise, others may just be an affirmation of what you have been seeing. Please remember, as I have mentioned in each of readings that there is way more to the face than is being revealed in a couple of paragraphs. There are no judgements being applied, just observations. The overall picture is to perhaps help you take away a tip or two to apply to people in your own life and learn a little more about them. Donald... Read More »

Finding Your Tribe

The moment we are born into our family of origin, we experience being a member of our first “Tribe”.  That sense of belonging is something we continue to long for and search for throughout our journey on earth.  It runs deep, as we were created for connection.  Because of that innate need we will always find ourselves seeking a deeper connection outside ourselves. Whether we find healthy tribes or not is shaped in great part by our past experiences within the Tribes we have belonged to. Our Tribes The groups we connect to will ultimately change as we journey through... Read More »