Putting Some ‘Bella Figura’ into Your Life

A simple phrase- Bella Figura, but what a concept it entails! Bella Figura is a way of being and living embraced by the Italian culture that we would all be wise to incorporate into our lives. It means finding the beauty in all things- and creating it in all you do. Whether you dine with friends and set a beautiful table, or are dining alone- you still set a beautiful table for yourself, because you are living the Bella Figura way, which means that you seek to make each experience and place a beautiful one, for yourself and others. You... Read More »

Botox: Hiding Our Emotions

What are Fillers? Botulinum toxin A, or Botox by brand name, is a neurotoxin that is used as injection therapy in the treatment of many disorders.  It is a highly studied subject that has over a 100 year history, and was given the go ahead by the FDA in 1989.  The toxin blocks the nerves from receiving signals, therefore the muscle is unable to move, creating paralysis. Botox is an extremely interesting subject to me.  I read the research and am impressed at what it is capable of, as well as have to wonder if it is worth it.  I... Read More »

Botoxifcation- The Freezing of Your Face and Emotions

The other night while watching TV, a new commercial featured a very nice looking male parenting a child. The mood was relatively happy, and as I do with any new commercial, I was curious to see if you could tell what it was they were trying to sell. Most of the time it is quite evident, but sometimes you are left wondering what the ad team was thinking! I was rather shocked to see that this was a commercial targeting men to use Botox. Botox has primarily been a product whose target market has been women. It felt rather odd... Read More »