Michelle Kitsmiller is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, licensed through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and the Minnesota Medical Board. She is trained to help people successfully be fully present in their lives through building a strong foundation with functional nutrition, physical movement, stress management, mindfulness, and listening to their bodies.

She received her Doctoral degree through Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2018, and her master’s degree in Oriental Medicine through Northwestern Health Sciences University in 2009. Michelle also completed a two-year training in Gold Standard Facial Acupuncture in 2013. She is certified through the Mind Body Institute in Mind Body Medicine and is finishing a certification in functional medicine. Michelle has taught acupressure, as well as, essential oils at Sister Rosalind Gefre’s School of Massage.

Michelle co-hosts Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show and podcast with Connie Bjerk. Recently, she has been quoted in Elite Daily for her expertise and been published in Natural Awakenings Twin Cities. As a certified massage therapist and Reiki Master in the Usui lineage, Michelle also uses touch as well as mindfulness to help you find your presence in life. Utilizing meditation and breathwork, and helping individuals uncover their inner guidance, she works with headaches, physical pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and so much more.



Connie Bjerk is a Certified Guided Imagery Therapist trained to do counseling for relaxation, stress reduction, pain control, habit control, problem solving, and personal and spiritual empowerment. Her strong foundation of mind-body medicine is rooted in clinical training through the Harvard Medical School and Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine. This has also led her to an appointment on the Board of the American Holistic Health Association, where she writes and participates in changing the paradigm of the current medical institution to function more on an integrative level. She is also on the advisory board for the Integrative Health and Healing Program at Anoka Ramsey Community College.

Connie dedicates her entire being to assisting people on their healing path, helping them to heal in mind, body, emotions, and spirit. She has created and implemented treatment protocols for people ranging from PTSD, anxiety, depression, headaches, fear, and a plethora of other issues. She does spiritual and life mentoring, taking people from where they are to where they never knew they could go. She uses many techniques and tools, including imagery therapy, breathwork, mindfulness, and teaching processes to re-hardwire the brain that change life’s experiences and release/heal what doesn’t serve the best interest of each individual.

She is also a Reiki Master of the Usui lineage and speaks nationally on mind-body medicine, stress management and soul development.

Connie is cohost of Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show with Michelle Kitsmiller. She has been published in Natural Awakenings Twin Cities, as well as in the members only section in the American Holistic Health Association site.

Connie has developed and presented many programs and is more than happy to speak on any of the topics listed on Awakened Living’s corporate page on our website. She has also been a part of monthly business wellness groups who want to learn more hands on ways to decrease stress and increase positivity and health.

Her speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Integrative Medicine
  • Guided Imagery Therapy
  • Stress Reduction and Management
  • Anxiety, Depression, & Sad
  • Pathways of Pain (Pain Management)
  • Resilience
  • Living Through Cancer
  • Spiritual/Motivational Speaking
  • Weight Release
  • Gift of a Year

Connie is a gifted motivational speaker, writer, and practitioner, teaching courses in the clinic as well.


“Connie, I have nothing but absolute praise and deep gratitude for you opening the keys of my spirit. The connection of my mind, body and spirit has been a fantastic journey into self- discovery of what I’m here on earth to do. I’m now seeing the big picture and feeling more connected to spirit with each new opportunity I experience every day. Thank you for your wonderful gifts of spiritual connection and giving me hope for the future. I look forward to continue to expand my energy through your Divine gifts and spiritual guidance. Thank you very much and would recommend anyone to you who would want to reach their full potential in this lifetime and make it a reality.”  -Diane

“Michelle is AMAZING!!! I have been going to Michelle for years.  She is a great listener and always finds a way to make me feel better.  She has tons of knowledge in her field.  I would highly recommend her!”  – Jenny

“Connie is one of the most gifted healers I’ve met. Her natural talent and insight together with a wide array of healing modalities lay the foundation for the amazing, life-changing sessions experienced by those of us lucky enough to know and work with her. Connie has more than earned my highest praise and gratitude. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone wanting to shed the limiting patterns, thoughts and beliefs that keep us from reaching our highest potential. As a naturally gifted healer, she stands out in a field shared by very few. Invest in yourself and spend an hour with Connie, it could very well change your life.”  -Brenda

“Michelle’s presence, even just simply entering the room, brings a sense of deep calm and healing. She has a gentleness and wisdom that are rare. She communicates how much she cares about your wellness by giving you her entire focus and listening fully to your concerns and questions. I went to see Michelle with symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety. After just 4 visits, I felt measurably better, physically and emotionally. You don’t have to suffer…go see Michelle!” – Rachel

“I attended Connie’s presentation on Integrated Medicine and was quite impressed with her knowledge, style, and professionalism.  She offered historical facts and research information that supported the use of integrated medicine.  Attendants for her presentation appreciated her kind, approachable style that made them feel welcome to ask questions.  She demonstrated excellent professionalism as she described how integrated medicine can be “integrated” into traditional medicine.  Some speakers will advocate for their own area of interest and try to discredit others.  Connie did not do this.  Instead, she projected a vision of how all healthcare providers can work together to promote wellness.”  – Cindy

“I just wanted to thank you so much for your help and healing in the last few weeks!  I am amazed at how much calmer, focused and peaceful I feel.  I am a true believer in acupuncture because of you.  Thank You!”  -Laura

“Connie helped me through one of the most difficult and critical times in my life. I never thought I would find my way through the emotional, financial, and spiritual chaos I was in. Connie’s sessions helped me move to a place of peace and self-empowerment. I was able to regain my equilibrium and my sense of self and move past my fear. I cannot thank her and her different modalities enough for leading me to a place where I still reside in peace, even years later. Each part of our work built towards my new wholeness. I am forever grateful for my time with her.” Alison Kohler

“Having completed ten treatments with you I would like to say that you are a wonderfully skilled and intuitive acupuncturist.  I know that people resist acupuncture because of the needles, and in spite of you working on very sensitive areas of my face, I found that once the needles were in place the treatments were actually very relaxing. You were extremely generous with your time and energy, treating me for a stiff neck and sore back, with great results, even when that wasn’t what I came in for. I am very pleased with the “face lift” I received and feel in better overall health due to our time together. With great affection,” -Linda

“I want to thank you for joining my adventure 3 or so years ago. I came to you with a life ending disease.  I needed/wanted to free myself, learn to relax, to get out of the way so my body could help heal from the inside.  I had never worked with acupuncture before. Your insights, listening and acupuncture skills helped put us on a healing track.  We had a plan.  I began to meditate at home and during my acupuncture treatments.  You pointed me to books on meditating, we talked about them.  RESULTS CAME. What I learned and felt from you are still part of my daily life adventure, Body, Mind, and Spirit.  You helped prepare me to participate in life’s healings, and to balance life. I came through my Lung Transplant with flying colors. My life is a big Miracle and YOU are part of this MIRACLE Michelle. Love yourself & others,” -Chester

” I am more grateful than I can express for Awakened Living Infusion and the beautiful healing center that Michelle and Connie have built! I always look forward to walking into a calming and healing environment when the world around me is rushing by. The smell of the essential oils immediately calms my mind and helps me to focus on the present. I appreciate the many options for healing that Awakened Living offers, and I wouldn’t have come so far if it wasn’t for you! Thank you, Michelle for your kind servant heart; you have given me hope and dramatically improved my quality of life! I am so blessed to have met you at the Women Veterans Initiative Retreat last year. Thank you for serving your brothers & sisters in arms with your healing talents of acupuncture; you are a true inspiration. My treatment with you has been delightfully different from any of my previous acupuncture experiences. I appreciate your gentle needling technique and you answering my many questions about Oriental Medicine. Thank you for allowing me time to heal through the many changes of life! Sincerely, Jess”