A Second Chance, Part 2

*Today’s post is the second part of a very personal blog post. If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so now, then continue on.   I’m not sure if you have ever run out of time- most of us have, for one thing or another. It’s an entirely different experience to run out of time for life- for living- for saving someone from themselves or from an idea they have stuck in their mind that won’t let them go, move forward, or accept a different idea, path, or Truth for a different future. We were at a juncture... Read More »

A Second Chance

What if you got one? What if you got a really BIG ONE? Those of you who are close to me, know that I have been going through a lot this past month. I thank the very few that knew, and supported me in the way that I needed it the most. You are incredible! So, what about this second chance? I’m not talking about all of the chances we get each and every day to make different choices, although these are incredibly important too. I’m talking about a second chance that is the difference between life and death. I... Read More »

Blowing in the Wind… and Shake it Up!

Several weeks ago strong winds kept up their relentless movements across the earth here. The “winds of change” reminding us that perhaps we need to shake things up a bit again, start fresh, let go of stagnant energy, ideas, relationships, and even businesses or jobs. That can be scary – or exciting- depending on which way you choose to look at it. It may be indicative of whether you are a glass half full kind of individual or a glass half empty. I am not saying that all change is comfortable. Steve Jobs gave an address in which he talked... Read More »